History of Iraqi Amateurs Radio



The history of radio amateurs in Iraq date back radio amateurs in Iraq to the mid-1920s of the last century and was the top amateur a members of the British army, a few Iraqis joined them in particular, without forming any club or association that was one of the first amateur in Iraq is the King Ghazi 1936 who was using his radio under call YI5KG, One of the most famous amateur terms used Hobby actively and later he used the radio in Baghdad and called (Radio Flower Palace), and this station were donated by the Germans, after ended the death of King Ghazi, 1939 the circumstances of World War decreased activity ended, later in 1978 there was amateur activity in Iraq by the Ministry of Youth in Iraqi (scientific welfare Center) has been sending a group of new amateurs outside Iraq for the purpose of training and preparing a group of amateur radio in Iraq after their return there was the formation of the first nucleus amateur It was (amateur radio club - YI1BGD) have been supported by one of the famous amateur in the world, His Majesty (late King Hussein Bin Talal), Jordan has provided equipment for the club and the club continued to train and graduate a large number of amateur and researchers in the field of communications even 1994. Where is the opening Association (Association for radio amateur) Which is also affiliated to the Ministry of Youth and the club continued to operate until 2003 to sporadically for siege conditions.



During the war on Iraq there has been destruction and theft of property of the Association during the chaos in Baghdad after the war has ended there has been standardized club members and Association to establishment the first large gathering of radio amateurs under the name  for (Iraqi amateur radio Society) and the first meeting is in a building constituent of (United Nations) in Baghdad after the first months of the occupation were collected amateur to restore life to the hobby that was for the first time amateur license to work within a narrow which is a big achievement has been processed through self amateur Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners and donors like (Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society) in Sultanet of Oman, who is also one of the most famous to help.



Previously, the amateur can possess organs Mobile Web and personal contact from home. More importantly this obtain amateur license issued by CMC (Communications and media Commission), the highest governmental body oversee organized and management of the frequency spectrum in Iraq to licensing of radio, television stations, space frequencies and the State civil service and private. The numbers of amateur in Iraq are more than 250 amateurs and escalating Average up to the 50th annual amateurs establishing scientific and training sessions in the Assembly for the purpose of training the new amateurs. It has also been made a member of the Assembly of the International Telecommunication Union ITU, which oversees all amateur societies in the world.




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